Do you experience any of the following lower brain reactions?   Fear, stress, anxiety, hoarding, freezing, indecision, procrastination, or wanting to run away?

What if you would develop a way to hit the switch on the part of your brain that led to transformation every time you encountered an obstacle or when something tried to knock you off course from the life you were born to live?

About Higher Brain Living

Our world today is fractured and disconnected; American culture is scared, alienated and fragmented. We are often doing little more with our life than just going through the motions.  Life for many has become a meaningless and neurotic existance in which we just try to survive another day.......

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Although most personal-growth systems have value, often they do not lead to sustainable life transformations.  As helpful as all of these approaches can be, they all lack the same fundamental piece of the puzzle; the physiological change in the brain required to sustain change.